Working in cooperation with Coverit, we can apply a number of finishes whilst offering advice on which colour, finish & texture of Venetian polished marble plastering is right for your property in the Midlands

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What Is Venetian Marble Plastering

Venetian plaster is an old-world technique that starts with limestone rocks from rivers or quarries. By the use of heat, water and time, the limestone is turned into lime putty. Mixed with such colour pigments as ground marble dust, it requires a specialist application using stainless steel trowels with refined techniques.

Looking To Transform The Walls Of Your Home?

Venetian marble plastering can turn an ordinary wall or ceiling into a beautiful, luxurious, and unique masterpiece.
No two pieces of work are ever the same.
Although similar application processes are followed, it is the artisan’s personal technique and individuality that give each surface its own unique signature.

Working With Coverit We Offer You:

• Highly polished marble finishes include Carrara or Classico
• Textured effects include Arsenale, Calcite, Coccio, Dolomite, Merca, Palladiano, Travertine and Velluto
• Special finishes are supplied from the 24/7 Venezia range

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